Insulated Wall System™

Our American Dream Insulated Wall System™ is a  high performance building component used in constructing floors, walls, and roofs for residential and light commercial buildings. It is manufactured under factory controlled conditions and can be custom designed for each project. The result is a building system that is extremely strong, energy efficient and cost effective. Building with our Insulated Wall System™ will save you time, money and labor.

When you factor in the minimal amount of labor resulting from shorter construction time and less job-site waste, the savings are enormous.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) studies show that when “whole wall” R-Value is measured, this design far outperforms wood framed walls. By eliminating the loss of heating and cooling energy through gaps in the insulation, our wall system dramatically reduces the amount of energy used to heat and cool a home.

In addition to providing a high level of insulation to eliminate temperature transfer, Great American Dream homes are significantly more airtight than conventional wood frame construction.

Oak Ridge evaluations revealed the wall system room to be 14 times more airtight than an equivalent room with 2×6 construction, sheathing, insulation and drywall. For this reason, the EPA does not require a blower door test for homes built with our insulated walls and insulated roof.

Air tightness is extremely important when reducing a home’s energy usage. As much as 40% of a home’s heating and cooling loss is due to air leakage.

Less air leakage means fewer drafts, less noise, lower energy bills, and overall, a much more comfortable indoor environment.