Ultra Performance Geothermal™

Our American Dream Ultra Performance Geothermal™ heat pump is a critical component of the energy system.

It uses the near inexhaustible temperature within the earth to heat and cool your home. Not only is our ground source heat pump exceptionally efficient, but it is sustainable technology as well.

Our Ultra Performance Geothermal™ system has no outdoor equipment and requires almost zero maintenance.

Freon Copper Loop Field Maximizes temperature transfer
Electrolysis Protection Protects copper loop from potential corrosion
Auto Loop Field Saturation System Increases loop field efficiency
Auto Loop Switching Technology Maintains maxmimum loop performance
Copeland Two Speed Compressor Performs as much as it should, and not more than it needs to
GE Variable Speed DC Blower Precise temperature and humidity control, better indoor air quality
Hot Water Generation Recovers wasted heat to produce hot water
Touch Control Digital Thermostat/Humidistat Programmable to efficiently match preferences and lifestyle

There are just too many unique features to conveniently list here, so our Ultra Performance Geothermal system has its own website. Check it out to learn more: www. AmericanDreamGeothermal.com