Return on Investment

Return on Investment

From the day you move in, your American Dream home begins to pay for itself.

Your home will return up to 75% more each month over the national average ($250 per month). This investment is tax free. With current supplies and demands, rates are sure to increase in the coming years ahead. Some analysts are predicting as much as a 15-20% annual increase. This return is unequaled by any legitimate investment today. The more utility rates increase the more valuable your investment becomes, and the more you will save.

With an energy system of this caliber the changes will be noticeable each and every month.

Comparing the national average size home (2400 sq. ft.) and a utility bill of $250

30% of the cost to install our American Dream Wind Turbine, our American Dream Solar Modules and our American Dream Ultra Performance Geothermal system is returned right away. See here

In addition to the tax credits there is an extra 15% increase in property value. See here