Ultimate Garage Door Opener™

In times of increased electricity prices, advanced energy-saving technology is more important than ever. Now our American Dream Ultimate Garage Door Opener™ uses only as much force and electricity as needed. With a typical operation of three open and close movements a day, a garage door operator only costs less than $1 per year!

Our American Dream Ultimate Garage Door Opener ™ offers a traveling motor that attaches directly to the garage door. Because there is only one moving part, our system does not know any gear damages. The motor glides quietly along the stationary track. It is stronger than a chain drive and quieter than a belt drive brought together in one state of the art design.

Operating at 11 watts(2 watts in standby mode), our garage door opener uses only the energy it needs.

Open your garage door from the comfort of your car.
Extremely secure the use of a 66 bit code length means it would take a lifetime to try out all combination options. Extremely safe against interception, as every code is only used once and changes after every activation (“rolling code”).