Concrete Insulation™

Our concrete insulation™ system is not only structurally sound, but also lends itself to foundation insulation at the same time (R-value of 20).

An uninsulated foundation can result in a large heat loss. It can also make below grade rooms uncomfortable. American Dream foundation concrete insulation™ can result in lower heating requirements, and also helps to avoid radon infiltration, insect infestation and condensation problems (which is often caused by the temperature difference between the basement interior and the earth around the foundation).

Owners appreciate: Contractors and builders like:
  • strong walls
  • disaster resistance and safety
  • mold, rot, mildew, and insect resistance (below grade can require termite protection)
  • sound-blocking ability
  • overall comfort
  • energy efficiency and resultant cost savings
  • fast, easy construction
  • flexibility
  • light weight for easy shipping and erection
  • compatibility with carpenter trades
  • ability to meet higher energy code mandates with less complicated construction

American Dream Concrete Insulation™ saves trees because the wood frame is eliminated. Our system can also contain a decent amount of recycled materials. Concrete can be made using supplementary cementing materials like fly ash or slag to replace a portion of the cement. Aggregate can be recycled (crushed concrete) to reduce the need for virgin aggregate. Most steel for reinforcement is recycled. Some polystyrenes are recycled.

From a sustainability viewpoint, the reduced operating energy, reduction of CO2 and use of local and recycled materials make construction with our concrete insulation extremely environmentally beneficial.